Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child attend class on the same day every week for his/her class? What if I want to switch days?   
Yes, your child will go to class on the day that you choose each week. If you want to switch days that is possible depending on availability in the particular class.


What if I can’t  make it to class, can I make up the class? 
If a student is unable to attend class,  you should notify Little Artists so we may utilize that space for the day. Classes can be made up only if we are notified by 12:00 pm, the day of the scheduled class. Make-up classes are allowed only during a paid month and do not count towards tuition.


Can I  watch my child take their art class ?
We allow parents to relax in our waiting area while their child is working, but we do not allow parents in the classroom.  Parents may watch from the waiting area or from the front area of the studio.


How many children per class are there?
In our 4-7 year old class, there are no more than 6 students per teacher. A full class has 10 students with 2 teachers.  In our 8 & up year old class, there are no more than 7 students per teacher. A full class has 12 students with 2 teachers.


How do you evaluate a students improvement or progress?
Each class the students take, we keep track of their progress so that they can progress through all the dry media while learning to draw.  When they have completed all the dry media then they will progress to painting.


Can drop my child off for class or do I need to stay with them?
Parents are welcome to stay in the waiting room or drop their child/children off.


Can I start in the middle of the month?
Yes, we will pro-rate tuition if you start in the middle of a month.