How Our Program Works

Each child is set up with an individualized program according to age and experience.  When the student has a good understanding of the basic drawing skills and techniques, we then progress to watercolors, acrylics and then oils.  Most children begin drawing from pictures that are broken down into simple steps. This prepares them for more challenging subject matter such as a photograph or still life.  Little Artists teachers are qualified art educators that are trained in all drawing and painting media.


Specific Techniques and skills for drawing that we aim to teach are as follows:

– layout and design


– sketching and drawing variations


– elements and principals of design


– dry media technique


– pencil type and pressure


– placement and thumbnail sketches or breakdowns


– size of shapes while practicing proportion


– positive and negative space


– location; Horizontal, Angles, Levels



Painting Techniques are as follows:

Watercolor painting


with the study of color: primary, secondary, and complementary colors.  with the study of technique: wash, graded wash, light to dark, dry brush, Stipple, highlights, etc.


Acrylic painting


with technique of painting from dark to light, opaque, edge control, and color mixing.  also value and depth, while painting from background to foreground.


Oil painting


by glazing, thin to thick appliqué, lights in lights and darks in darks.  and by painting  with wet into wet, blending and texturing.